Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well Its Been Over a Week Since I've Blogged...

I've been real busy moving my booth at collected treasures from the back of the shop to the front. Now I have a window!!! And I'm so excited... Its just an exciting feeling to show the people walking or driving by my talents and treasures. So I would really like to thank Jana for moving me to the front. Here are a few pictures of the booth and the window. I hope you all get a chance to stop by the shop!
All of the previous pictures of all my little treasures I have found are now in the booth. But I have a lot of work to do, and a lot of projects that I have started and have not finished. I really need to get focused but until then.... See ya later!!! Leave comments!!


  1. It all looks wonderful and I think this is the beginning of something spectacular.....thank you for believing in me and my vision....I'm glad you're here!

  2. Audrey amor, how lovely everything looks so far :) A cool is that, you are gonna be able to showcase are your beautiful creations and of these days I will make it to Texas and visit you all :) Besos, Rose


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