Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seems Like Its Taking Spring A Long Time To Get Here

Ahhh....It seems as though winter wants to stick around a little bit longer, but when I see the winter honeysuckle blooming I know that winter won't stay here for long. I get really excited when I see the Quince starting to bloom, then I know it's time to clean out my flower beds, and trim back my roses. I have been busy cleaning up broken branches in my yard from the last snowfall we recieved. Also I just planted some onions in my garden, and will be planting some new roses. January and February are my favorite times of the year to work in my garden. Here a some pictures of my Quince and my Winter Honeysuckle.
Even the animals are excited about spring coming! The chickens, the cats, the dogs, and even Tom and Becky (my new water fountain, looking to be placed somewhere in the garden)! Here are just a few of the eggs I get from my chickens...aren't they beautiful??

After I get my Spring Garden going I should be back in my shop sewing up a storm!! Haha. Thats all for now, see you next week!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lace and Jammies!

Ahh!! The weather here in North Texas has been beautiful, clear skies, bright sunshine, and a nice cool breeze. Almost Spring like??? Which reminds me of spring flowers, especially pastel colored Irises and Tulips. So this week I found some pastel colored items. Like this bowl of autihentic Madye slippers.

Three or more of an item makes a collection. Well....I found these three beautiful vintage bed jackets. I think I will start collecting these, they're so cute!!!
Also, I found some beautiful lace are just a few of them. Modeled by my beautiful girls.
Im going to incorporate these collars onto a slip dress, and here is a dress that I am working on.

And last but not least,I found these beautiflu lamps!! I just need to find or make some lamp shades. I saw this beautiful lamp shade, that almost looked like a parasole on Lisa's blog, Tarnished and Tattered. I've gotta find out where that picture came from any ideas??

Sorry this blog is so short, but I have a lot of things that I have been working on. As always give me lots of feedback and let me know what you think!! See ya next week!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow day!

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Hello all! So we got our second snow fall of the year and it was so beautiful! I remember Christmas eve it snowed and it was just perfect for the holiday season. It truly was a white christmas! I really love when it snows in Texas because it reminds me of home. I am originally from from Ft. Wayne, IN., I moved to Texas in the 80's.

Above are some photos of the my house and yard covered in the blanket of snow! That handsome young man in the fur coat is my son David! We got to take him out and have some fun. He loves wearing his warm fur coats anytime he can!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little Treasures I found This week

I've been working on some new projects, embellishing jackets. Here are two of them. One Jacket is has antique toulle on the collar and around the waist, the jacket is shortened in the front and has a bussle.

This a vintage Dolce jacket that I found at the thrift store.
These are all of my little trasures that I found this past week!
Shell Jewlery from Italy, some silver boxes, and this very pretty vintage metal box with butterflys on it, that my favorite!
This is an antique bed head board and footboard.
These are some of the dresses I have made out of crenoline attatched to slips. The first two dresses are plus sizes. Tell me what you think! I love the feedback.

I can't wait till spring gets here so I can run in the backyard with it on! Hopefully I wont scare the nieghbors.....Hahaha jk jk Lol Thanks for stopping by, See you next week!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Latest Items

I just wanted to show some of the items in my booth, just in case you haven't been able to stop by Janna's shop. I have always been mesmerized by the glow of crystals and the multifaceted colors that appear when you hold a crystal up to light. Imagine yourself in a bubble bath, surrounded by the glow of candle light bouncing off crystals...Just beautiful!!!!

The name Sombreuil comes from my favorite antique rose. I make organza roses that resemble the look of the rose. Here are some embellished purses with my hand made roses, that i also sell indivisually in my booth. This is a clutch purse and a crochet purse that I just recently designed.

This is one of the many dresses that I have been creating. It's a slip with crinoline attached to it. These are fun to make, it makes me feel like a little girl again.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Im pretty busy these days so my blogging will probably be once a week, but leave me feedback and let me know what you think. Thank you so much for visiting!! See you next week!