Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seems Like Its Taking Spring A Long Time To Get Here

Ahhh....It seems as though winter wants to stick around a little bit longer, but when I see the winter honeysuckle blooming I know that winter won't stay here for long. I get really excited when I see the Quince starting to bloom, then I know it's time to clean out my flower beds, and trim back my roses. I have been busy cleaning up broken branches in my yard from the last snowfall we recieved. Also I just planted some onions in my garden, and will be planting some new roses. January and February are my favorite times of the year to work in my garden. Here a some pictures of my Quince and my Winter Honeysuckle.
Even the animals are excited about spring coming! The chickens, the cats, the dogs, and even Tom and Becky (my new water fountain, looking to be placed somewhere in the garden)! Here are just a few of the eggs I get from my chickens...aren't they beautiful??

After I get my Spring Garden going I should be back in my shop sewing up a storm!! Haha. Thats all for now, see you next week!!

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