Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little Treasures I found This week

I've been working on some new projects, embellishing jackets. Here are two of them. One Jacket is has antique toulle on the collar and around the waist, the jacket is shortened in the front and has a bussle.

This a vintage Dolce jacket that I found at the thrift store.
These are all of my little trasures that I found this past week!
Shell Jewlery from Italy, some silver boxes, and this very pretty vintage metal box with butterflys on it, that my favorite!
This is an antique bed head board and footboard.
These are some of the dresses I have made out of crenoline attatched to slips. The first two dresses are plus sizes. Tell me what you think! I love the feedback.

I can't wait till spring gets here so I can run in the backyard with it on! Hopefully I wont scare the nieghbors.....Hahaha jk jk Lol Thanks for stopping by, See you next week!

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  1. While I absolutely love all your treasures...that first jacket you did with the just gorgeous!!! I would that off your hands in a heart beat if I could :) Besos, Rose


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