Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Surprises

After having a rainy day yesterday, I was surprised to see the sun shining bright this morning. I also got a surprise in the mail today...MY BUSINESS CARDS!!! I had them made at vistaprint.com. I like seeing my name on a business card, lil' ole me! Lol! Today I went to the thrift store and found some little treasures. I always dream of having grand children one day...(big sigh)... but in the mean time I will collect a few baby items.

A cute little picture of a baby(that little gold thing is a thermometer)....

Some little baby sweaters....

..with matching booties and hats!

Oh yea.. and little dresses, made with lace! Oh how precious...

I've had these candelabras for awhile but, I fixed them and they're ready to go to the booth!

Other little treasures I found on my adventures in thriftland..hahah! I found this cute little boy riding a fish and holding up a bowl...strong little boy huh???

And, theses two little girl shoes, to add to my collection of three little boy shoes! With these little shoes I would like to make some pin cushions and put them in my booth.
Well, I got some work to do, housework, boothwork, and gardenwork. I think I will spend the day working in the garden. Plus I have to clean out my chicken coop. Later on tonight after everyone is asleep... I will catch up with some of my blogging sisters out there. Thanks for vistiting my blog. See ya next week!!!


  1. Babies always touch my heart....precious little finds! Wonderful business cards...love seeing my name on them, too.....thank you. See you soon.

  2. Audrey amor, how I love your bebe treaures you found...they are all gorgeous, especially those lil lacey dresses :) Will you share some of your beautiful flowers that you make on here? I would love to see them :) Have a great week! Besos, Rose

    ps..I am glad you liked my cups and lil bebe dolls, they are starting to take over my house :)

  3. Hello Audrey
    I love your business card! It looks very French... Your treasures are beautiful, no grandbabies yet? I have eight now - they are so much fun! You have 5 children so they will come!

  4. Your business cards are just wonderful! Love 'em!

    That settles it, I simply MUST head up and see you and Jana. You really have some gorgeous things, and of course, so does she. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!


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